Commemorative Tin Has Special Significance

Commemorative Tin Has Special Significance

Jill Wallace from Waikanae got a quite a surprise when her sister told her about a tin of RSA Biscuits she had seen commemorating ANZAC Day. The reason for the surprise is that the archive imagery on the tin featured their father during his service!

Jill tried immediately to find a tin for her own, but local outlets were sold out. She tried further afield with no luck before tracking us down as the manufacturers. We were delighted to oblige her request for a tin of her own, and Jill was kind enough to send us some information about her father which has helped us learn more about the heroes we are honouring with this product.

Thanks for the feedback Jill!

Dear Mike,

Thank you - I was thrilled to receive the RSA tin and the super biscuits (very tasty) after searching all the supermarkets in Kapit, without any luck. Our children tried in Wellington but they were all sold out. Clearly they were very popular.

My sister in Auckland had bought a tin and phoned me as she believed the soldier in the middle with the knapsack looked very like our father who served on the Western Front and was a 1st Lieutenant. He joined up in 1914 , following the death of his first wife who died from meningitis.

On returning to New Zealand in 1918 he married my mother and had two daughters. My sister is 80 and lives in Auckland and I am 77.

The tin will be passed on to our two sons and four grandsons with the story.

We have photographs of our father in full military uniform and also his Citation from King George V.

We are planning to visit the Turnball Library next week to seek confirmation. We hope we are not disappointed.

Thanks again for the tin and the biscuits - keep making them, they are very tasty.

Sincerely Jill Wallace (nee Fisher)

Ps What a con-incidence that you have the same surname as my father - Frederick James Fisher.